The Foundation Builder Guide is sold on a subscription basis, rather than a purchase. The subscription, or Family Membership, gives individual families access to the materials to teach in their homes and offers mentoring through the Principles Workshops/Discussion Calls.  The Community Membership gives license for those individuals to teach in non-commercial settings with other families who have purchased a Family Membership.  And, gives your community access to an in-person 2 day Facilitator Workshop.  (This program is not available at this time to be used in a commercial setting.  If you are interested, contact Katie.)


To own* and implement our The Foundation Builder Guide:


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For your Home:

Purchase the Family Membership and be mentored through:

Online Videos and Principle Discussions/Calls.



For your Home & Community:

Purchase the Family & Community Membership and be mentored through:

The Community Videos, Ryhthm Videos, Lesson Outlines, Community Calls


Also Highly Recommended: A Family Celebration.

*To keep the copyright on The Foundation Builder Guide and to teach this within a group or organization, each Mother/Family will need to purchase their Family & Community Membership on this website.  For your group success,  it is highly recommended that your group brings Katie out to lead an inspiring two-and-a-half day training (experiencing, demonstrating, simulating, discovering, celebrating) Facilitator Workshop.   Community Members who would like to return for another training, will be able to join in another training when possible as a Returning Facilitator at a discounted price.

**To schedule a Facilitator Workshop to increase your success in teaching The Foundation Builder Guide in your group, contact   Out of area Workshops would need to cover Katie’s and other facilitator’s travel expenses.  

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