Pot-luck Ideas

Mexican Shepherd’s Pie

Breakfast – Egg, Ham & Spinach Pie

Pot Pie Casserole

Another Pot Pie Casserole

Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

Another Veggie Shepherd’s Pie 

Healthy Taco Pie

Healthy Casseroles

Yummy Throw Your Harvest Together Salads


Jamba Juice will also be onsite selling $2 smoothies.

Jamba Juice Pre-Order
  •   Classics - Chocolate Moo'd
      Classics - Orange Dream Machine
      Classics - Peach Pleasure
      Classics - Pomegranate Pick Me Up
      Classics - Razzmatazz
      Classics - Strawberry Wild
      All Fruit - Five Fruit Frenzy
      All Fruit - Mega Mango
      All Fruit - Peach Perfection
      All Fruit - Pomegranate Paradise
      All Fruit - Strawberry Whirl
      Fruit & Veggie - Apples'n Greens
      Fruit & Veggie - Berry UpBeet
      Fruit & Veggie - Tropical Harvest
  • We want to give Jamba Juice an estimated amount.