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Dear Potential Gathering Place Celebration – Project Booth Vendor,

We would like to invite you to consider advertising with us at The Gathering Place Family Celebration on SEPTEMBER 23rd 2016.  It is our goal to provide environments and tools which nourish the heart, mind, body and spirit of the families attending.  We hope you will offer your gifts and services to help create these environments at this event and share resources which the families can bring into their homes.

Vendor or Project Booth Options Include:

  Using Nature:   Herbs, Oils, Christ-centered Healing Energy, Nourishing Foods, Grains, Etc.
  Using Words:  Coaching, Writing, Storytelling, Websites & Blogs, Recovery, Etc.
  Using Material:  Paint, Canvas, Fabric, Clay, Technology. Etc.

  Using Body & Movement: Dance, Yoga, Tai Chi, Hiking, Chiropractic, Footzonology, Massage, Etc.
  Using Music:  Lessons, Choir, Camps, Etc.

For-profit businesses, please join us with providing a “Project booth” – Providing hands on experiences of your talents and offerings, for only $35.


In exchange in either option, you will receive the following:

  • Live link from our Website to yours for the next 8 months
  • Advertisement in our Electronic Newsletter following event through email.
  • Table Area in the Vendor/Business section at event (Please bring your own tables & coverings)
  • One Family Celebration admission

Thank you for considering sharing through us!


Katie Hansen,

Founder & Director

The Gathering Place for Families & The House Celebrations


For-profit business Providing a $35 Project Booth – Early Price.  Prices will be $75 after Sept 19th.

Please SUBMIT both PAYPAL button AND the FORM below.  Thank you!

Vendor Project Booth

Application for Vendor/Sponsor at The Gathering Place House Celebrations
  •   Using Material: Paint.Canvas.Fabric.Clay.Technology.etc.
      Using Nature: Herbs.Oils.Energy.NourishingFoods.etc
      Using Words: Coaching.Writing.Storytelling.Websites&Blogs.etc
      Using Body&Movement: Dance.Yoga.TaiChi.Hiking.Chiropractic. FootZonology.Massage
      Using Music: Lessons.Choir.Camps
  • Send the PNG or JPEG you would like to promote on our website or electronic flyer to