Fall 2016 Vendors:

Thrive – Bring the family back to the dinner table today and tomorrow with Thrive Life Foods. Thrive foods are convenient, healthy, cost efficient, versatile, and long-lasting. Premium quality foods preserved by Freeze-drying to maintain freshness and nutrition for today and for years to come.

Tara Pearce, Thrive Life Consultant,  801-540-2401


Waldorf Education –

Footzonology – Leanna Christensen

Essential Oils –

Silhouette Ballroom – Tricia Leslie


Our Past Vendors:

Using Body & Movement: Dance, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Energy, Chiropractic, FootZonology, Massage, Etc.

Yolaunda Keith

Yolaunda Keith is an energy healer with 16 years of experience helping individuals and families heal. She has a gift of accessing the subconscious mind to help release trapped emotions and negative programs allowing freedom from the past so a different response can be chosen in the future. She offers 90 minute sessions in person or remotely.  801-678-9899  yolaunda@hotmail.com

Using Material: Paint, Canvas, Fabric, Clay, Technology, etc.


Footprints In Time helps people to Discover, Preserve & Share their Family History. At the booth I will provide fun hands-on activities for all ages to get excited about going on a quest for family treasures–their family history and stories. Information about my digitizing and other services will be provided and some small booklets will be available for sale. www.FootprintsInTime.Net

Using Music:  Choir, Camps, Lessons, etc.

Letsplaymusic - logo

Let’s Play Music is a paramount program for developing the complete musician.  We incorporate the best of all musical and educational methodologies and discoveries.  Let’s Play Music provides its teachers, students and families with an enriched experience that hold power to change lives.  Contact Geri Titensor for local classes gdtitensor@gmail.com.

Orchestra strings

Orchestra Adventures will be there with violins, violas, cellos, drums, Boomwhackers, xylophone, and many  other things to play and beat on. Come visit us to try your hand at an instrument you haven’t played before, learn something new about music and rhythm, or even get a question answered.  Need a minor repair on a string instrument?  Bring it over and we’ll fix it for free (ex: put on a bridge or loose string, chin rest, loose pegs, etc).  We will not have extra parts on hand, but can give advice on bows, strings, bridges, string methods, programs and more.

Orchestra Adventures offers a year round community children’s string program for children ages 6-18 at beginning and intermediate levels. Encore Youth Chamber Orchestra tour group, Summer Strings Adventure Camp and Shake Rattle & Rhythm class also offered.

Using Nature: Herbs, Oils, Nourishing Foods, etc.


Tammie Duggar, with Simply Nourishing Families, has a special inner mission to nurture others through her passion for nutrition.  She teaches that the best foods are Whole Real Foods.  She helps others recapture their connection with food and fall in love with the process of meal preparation.  She considers her kitchen a playground where she discovers and experiments with food creating new recipes and meal options.

Email: talktotammie@gmail.com  Phone: 801-706-3994

  • Come and learn about gut health and cultured foods and watch a demonstration on making sauerkraut and other cultured food creations to sample.

garden inspire

As a garden coach, Beuna Tomalino has had the opportunity to help others grow their own food organically. Educated in Ornamental Horticultural from Utah State University and self taught in organic methods and multiple methods of gardening she helps others grow food no matter where they live.  Beuna recently released the book Herbs to Know 2: Wild Medicinal & Edible Plants which she co authored with Kathy Wilson, herbalist. You can connect with her at http://gardeninspire.com

doTERRA Oils 2

Families all over the world struggle to stay strong – spiritually, physically, and financially. As a result, we spend a lot of time and money searching for balance in our homes. doTERRA is committed to helping families learn how to use essential oils to solve problems. At our booth we will have hands-on projects, oil samples, and information to empower families to care for their spiritual, physical, and financial health.  Tara Kinser 801-686-3605


Sole Renewal will be sharing nutritional soaked grains and what to do with them.


Ashley Butler has an in home freeze dryer and loves freeze dried foods.  She is here to help you understand why you should be storing freeze dried foods in addition to the year supply the LDS church recommends.  She can give you the ins and outs of freeze drying yourself and/or purchasing.  When she doesn’t do it herself, she orders from Thrive.  They are a reputable company with great benefits and group buys.  She offers group classes and/or monthly clubs on making meals in a jar to put in your pantry for home storage or in your basement for food storage!  It is simple and easy and cost effective in a group.  She would be happy to help put together a group in your community for the benefit of all. www.FreezeDryLadies.ThriveLife.com

She will be showing Meals in a Jar:  Chicken Chili, Taco Soup, Navy Bean & Ham Soup.  Coming:  Breakfast and Smoothie Meals in a Jar.

It is exciting and fun and delicious.  Come try!

Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Supplements, Tinctures, Syrups, Ointments, Extracts, Kits, Books, Bulk Herbs & Specialty Products discounted through your representative Ashley Butler.  Call in or email orders to: 801-647-6990 or AshleyEButler@aol.com.  This month, ending March 31st @ 3:30pm (MST), all products are 35% off retail prices.  Every month is a new special.  Sign up to receive the monthly email.


Using Words: Coaching, Writing, Storytelling, Websites & Blogs, etc.

TLM itunes artwork-2.002

The Luminous Mind is an alternative education podcasting platform that gives a voice to “ordinary firestarters” in changing the paradigm of education and all that it encompasses. The vision and creation comes from Rebecca Bohman, an “accidental” homeschooler who has developed a fascination with alternative educational techniques. Starting ten-years ago, she begin “temporarily” homeschooling the first of her four children as she worked with charter schools and public education boards. This moved into a full-time charge and commitment of educating at home as she found many benefits of personal involvement in our children’s education. Through this glorious experience, she felt a plethora of other emotions ranging between loneliness, frustration and confusion. After matriculating from public school, she longed for mentorship to guide her through this different educational process. Vigorously studying politics, curriculum, and teaching journals she better acquainted herself with the process, successes and pitfalls all related to education and how to deliver methods that were custom fit to meet the needs of each child or families’ needs. Working with charter schools, public policy, online schools, independent homeschoolers, and co-ops slowly has changed the paradigm of her traditional thinking. She learned to recognize that, as individual as each person (family) is created, each style for learning needs to be custom fit to accommodate the differences. We seek to build a community that mentors those who might struggle as Rebecca did and strive to deliver support, encouragement and resources to alternative educational styles, through podcasts and media postings. We are all in a wonderful learning experience together!! So please contact her with questions and ways our content can better meet your personal needs. It is time to break out of the traditional mold and open yourself to The Luminous Mind!

Life & Mind Vision Transformation

Becky Rogers is fun and exciting and her fire ignites others as she shares the amazing power we all have with our words & minds through her LifeVIsion Transformation & MindVision Workshops.  Sign up and connect with Becky on Facebook.

Eternal Warriors

Life Changing Services offers LDS-based counseling and therapy for individuals, marriages, and families. We also offer classes and support groups for men, women, young men, and young men addicted to pornography as well as classes to help prevent it and other self-defeating behaviors.  Celestia Shumway celestia@treeoflifemothering.com

Once upon a time, stories were used to inform, inspire, and give meaning to the human experience.  Now science has discovered what children have always known, the power of story.  A story fully engages the brain.  It connects logical thought with emotional reaction.  Stories are powerful.  At “Tale Spinners your children will find their own power in story.  Let them inspire and give meaning to the human experience today at Tale Spinners”.