What is The Foundation Builder Guide?

The Foundation Builder Guide is a resource for Mother’s!  We mentor the Mother to discover these Principles of Creation so she can utilize the many original resources on this Membership site.  There are 22 thematic units for the timeless character-nurturing Principles of Creation (see videos for more info on the Principles of Creation).  We meet in an online classroom to practice and discuss the readings through amazing Tutorial-style discussions.  This site gives the following resources for her to share these Principles in her home through original:

  • 22 Stories
  • 22 Songs
  • 22 Positive Scripts
  • 22 Simulations
  • 22 Dances
  • 22 Page Principle Journal
  • Rhythm Activities
  • 8 Storytelling Lessons
  • A Simple Project Learning System for your 8-12 yr. olds.
  • Many “Discovery Experiences” using Organic Environments & Materials.
  • Over 70 Classic Children’s Stories/Fairy Tales Complimentary to the Principles
  • AND The online Workshops/Recordings mentoring you in discovering the Principles for yourself so you can implement this FBG.

It is A Mother’s Guide to Developing Education on Foundation-Nurturing Principles.  It is for mothers or grandmothers and their children or grandchildren on two levels, ages 5 – 8 and ages 9 – 11.

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Let us help you Build Foundation and Unlock Genius and so you can truly lead your future Creators, Innovators and Artist Generation children! This Foundation Builder offers many resources to use The Principles as a Guide.  You join for just your family in a Family Membership.

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…in an entirely new and original thematic way incorporating the BEST of the educational world’s methodologies and styles, through The Foundation Builder Guide.

Agency-based, Leadership Ed, The Trivium & Quadrivium, Montessori, Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, Howard Gardner’s M. I., Teaching Self-Government and Introducing Positive Scripting & The Skills of Discovery


Here is our Foundation Builder Guide INTRODUCTION PACKET (click on to see PDF)

See this link for a Q & A video with Katie.

Here are a few examples of how you can share these Principles with your children.  Foundation Builder Guide has an original positive affirmation script children’s story & song, plus other resources and ideas to help you create and teach these concrete Principles of Creation in your home:

  • Here is one of our Simulations for Principle 7:  See here.
  • Here is one Discovering through Movement or Nature experience with the Principle 1 – Order:
    • Create a time line of the Mathematical discoveries man has made over the course of this Earth’s history.
  • Here is one Rhythm exercise idea for Principle 1 – Whole:
    • Throw a ball up for a whole note – four counts.
  • Here is one Discovering through Language experience ~ Read the Fairy Tale ~ Eve’s Unequal Children with the Principle 2 in mind.  Discuss it and relate it back to the Principle 2 Pictograph inviting your children to use their Skills of Discovery.   Build a House using any Organic Materials after you have written a list of opposites from the story.

To own and implement our The Foundation Builder Guide for your HOME:

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Purchase the Foundation Builder Guide Online Year 1 Content with THIS Family Membership and be mentored through:

Principles 1 – 8,  The 8 Principles Workshops/Discussion Calls


Choose this option:

Send $137 through Paypal to katie@gatheringplaceforfamilies.org for ONLINE access only.

Include: Name; Current Email; Address – State, Zip; Texting Phone Number; and your intentions – ie. FBG and, Katie will send you your Family Membership Login and password (you can change it later).

The Principles Workshops

Throughout these monthly Workshops, for those who join this site with a Family Membership, we will be discussing the first 8 Principles of Creation (in the first year and you can choose to continue on to the following 14 Principle Workshops) through online Tutorials.  They are fabulous for Mother’s to connect with others and be inspired to study and discover. Then, the Foundation Builder Guide’s original resources are available to use within your home.  Remember, The Principles of Creation are the Guide!

Read more about it on Katie’s blog here.

Our NEXT Group Mentoring Principle Workshops (the Tutorial class with Katie) held in 2017-2018:

Principle 9 – 70 Online Workshops – 4th Monday from 6:30 – 8:00 am M.S.T.

  1. September 18th – Principle 9
  2. October 23rd – Principle 10
  3. November 20th – Principle 20
  4. December 11th – Principle 30
  5. January 22nd – Principle 40
  6. February 19th –  Principle 50
  7. March 19th – Principle 60
  8. April 23rd – Principle 70

– OR –

Principle 1 – 8 Discussion Calls – 3rd Monday from 6:30 – 8:00 am M.S.T.

  1. September 25th – Principle 1
  2. October 30th – Principle 2
  3. November 27th – Principle 3
  4. December 18th – Principle 4
  5. January  29th – Principle 5
  6. February 26th – Principle 6
  7. March 26th – Principle 7
  8.  April 30th – Principle 8



Also Highly Recommended: A Family Celebration.

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Principles 1 – 8 Family Membership of The Foundation Builder Guide:  
*Comes with Lifetime Family Membership on www.HouseoftheBook.org Principles 1 – 8
*Comes with 8 original Character & Principle-based Positive-scripting children’s stories, songs and dances.
*Comes with audiobook recordings of these stories.
*Comes with Flipped-classroom lessons on Storytelling, Principle/Symbol, Projects.
*Comes with Videos which will assist you in creating and teaching these environments in your Home.
*Comes with access to a whole new community of those implementing this Foundation Guide.
*Comes with 8 Weeks of online Principles Workshops where Katie introduces you to the vision of what House of the Book and The Foundation Builder is and walks you through the first 8 Principles.
Next Year, Principles 9 – 16  Can be purchased here for those who have purchased Year 1 
*Comes with Lifetime Family Membership on www.HouseoftheBook.org Principles 1 – 16
*Comes with 8-weeks of online Principles Workshops where we discuss the second 8 Principles 
Following Year, Principles 17 – 22  –  Can be purchased here for those who have purchased Year 1 & 2
*Comes with Lifetime Family Membership on www.HouseoftheBook.org Principles 1 – 22
*Comes with 6-weeks of online Principles Workshops where we discuss the last 6 Principles

 Testimonials of The Foundation Builder Guide:

Inspired. If I had to choose one word to describe The Foundation Builder Guide, inspired would be that word.  When I first learned of the methods and program with The House of the Book, I was intrigued. Symbolic Hebrew is something I had been interested in learning and the idea of taking my family along with me was exciting, but it is so much more than that. Learning to live by the principles I have learned while studying with Katie has opened my heart and prepared me to be a Godly mother. The mother’s retreat was a turning point in my parenting style. I have turned my attention inward and worked on changing my heart and as I change my heart, the hearts of my family are changing as well. I have learned to be still. I’ve learned new ways to see the scriptures, and to communicate with my Father in Heaven – to listen to His divine council within my heart.

I am blessed to have been involved with a co-op which uses the principles and teachings in The Foundation Builder Guide.  We’ve started to implement the principles in many aspects of our lives. Since the principles of Creation are principles set from the foundation of the world, they apply to everything from communication within the family, to health, to your communication with God. They give you the power to change your life from within. It has truly been a gift to my family. 

– Lori K., Ogden
I am in love with The Foundation Builder Guide.  The other day I was busy doing my mommy stuff and I heard my kids singing, so I just had to peek around the corner, They were playing Ten Booms.  Singing one of the songs from class.  It happened to be a song teaching a principle my children were struggling with. This is what I heard, “Just a little Kindness goes a long way……  For Kindness Begins when I think about you for Kindness begins with me.”
The Principles of Creation taught through The Foundation Builder Guide, are creating a change in our home.  As I study them for our family Hebrew school and let them grow in me,  I am finding peace because I am applying correct principles in our home.  I see the rhythm of our home; I see the pattern for building our houses, our character house, our families, our school, our homes as Temples.  We see these principles all around us for they are in all things. They are timeless, priceless principles that have always existed.
~ Rhonda Stuart, Tooele, Mommy of 10

What a blessing it has been for my personal growth to participate in The House of the Book’s Foundation Builder Guide Principles Workshops and Facilitator Retreat!  It has truly been a spiritual journey as I have begun to see nature and gospel principles with new eyes, seeing things I’ve never recognized before!  Katie so beautifully and gently guides you through the discovery  process of seeking, asking and knocking. This experience has been so different from other seminars, classes and conferences that I have attended. It an invitation to go deeper inside yourself and with God to discover what has been there all along. Symbols in nature and the scriptures are coming alive as I am beginning to make greater connections and applications to my own life. My creative right brain is being challenged and awakened as well as my spirit. I will never view life and learning in the same way. Thank You Katie for paying a price the last few years to take this journey yourself and become “One who goes before”.  I’m so grateful!

~ Lori G., Shelly, ID