We can in no way encompass all the necessary elements which go into building foundation here.  This is a general structure, scaffolding and a place to create the form for the important character building foundational principles to have space.  We offer these resources and tools as a way to create order in your work at home, so that as you understand the Principles of creation through your study and our Tutorial classes, which come along the way one step and conversation, heart to heart connection at a time, the form and order will already have been created.

Build Foundation:

  • Practice, daily habits & routine,
  • Work,
  • Your families religion & the Principles of Creation
  • AND, Play

1. Through Practice/ Daily Habit Charts

pdf – Foundation Builder Character Building Habits – Charts

Word Document – Foundation Builder Character Building Habits – Charts

pdf – FBG Family Devotionals – coming soon


2. Through Family Work

pdf – The Meaning and Blessing of Family Work  

website to obtain whole book – Strengthening Our Families


3. Through Incorporating the Foundation Builder Guide’s – Principles of Creation

(goes perfectly along with Judaeo-Christian principles)

Discovering The Principles of Creation for yourself, building your foundation and increasing your God-given discovery skills so that you can mentor, guide, nurture and facilitate your children’s discovery and foundational growth.

Year 1

Learn more what The Foundation Builder Guide offers.

4. Through Play

 Unlock the Chambers Within through: 

Organic Environments & Materials which:



nurture heart, mind, body & spirit,

illuminate inner love and genius,

help us experience multiple “intelligence’s” environments

assist in healing and connecting our inner conflicts:

In other words, Play, Projects, Storytelling, Stories, Virtuous words, Great literature and language, Concrete symbols, Nature, Creation, God’s Spirit, Rejuvenating whole foods, Rest and stillness, Breath, Movement of body and all things, Wholesome uplifting music and sounds, Color, Organic materials.   

Storytelling FBG – Storytelling Lesson 1 …coming soon

Stories – pdf The FBG Principle Virtues & Some General Stories coming soon

Play – coming soon

Organic Materials – coming soon

Concrete Symbols – coming soon read more on Katie’s blog post

Read more here:

pdf – Nurturing Our Families Booklet – 2 articles

pdf – Nurturing Our Skills of Discovery – Booklet

Read about what others are saying about these Environments and Materials

Nature Environment