Developing Character on Foundation & Unlocking the Chambers II. no shadow

  1. Showing Principles of Creation Throughout this entire Foundation Builder Guide are woven these Organic and Wholesome Principles.  As these principles are shared through the many stories (original, classic children stories, fairy tales or ancient history story), songs, scripts, words and many other resources contained here, the Principles of Creation are shown in a very natural and agency-protecting way.  Each Mother will have the opportunity to read and study the stories, words, resources, etc. and come discuss and discover them for herself through the Principles Workshops.
  2. Encouraging Character-development   Each principle this guide shares, can add to our children’s character one brick at a time.  This is your opportunity as a Mother or Grandmother to come learn these Principles then, invite and share them with your children.  Ideas for activities are provided to help internalize the principles and make them developmentally appropriate for the age group.

    For instance, for the Character-trait of humility, in the children’s story The Brothers’ Doors, the character shows through his actions what he needs to do to be humble.  For the activity, the parent or mentor can provide a limbo game to see “how low they can go” and then discuss how it relates to humility and the story.

  3. Nurturing the Mother and Child  This Guide creates a perfect environment for a Mother or Grandmother to learn and play with her children or grandchildren.  Whether it is through creating the PlayKits together with your children, through storytelling the original stories or discovering together through movement or nature, this Guide will help you provide an environment of connection and love.   It is all so beautiful!
  4. Celebrating Multiple Cultures  Each month The Foundation Builder Guide’s story includes a different cultural theme while celebrating Christ-centered values.  There are also rhythm exercises, songs & dances and the Biblical Story of Israel that go along with these themes.  Throughout the months and years, the story of Israel will be shown connecting us with God’s many cultures around the world.
  5. Introducing Positive Scripting  How many of us need positive words going through our head instead of the negative ones? Our children hear those negative ones too and impress upon them lies.  We are introducing Positive Scripting into our original children’s stories, songs and dances gives parents another layer of positive scripts to give to their children, to believe and know about themselves.  For example, in the first month we learn and sing,  “I am powerful and strong.  I can be what I was born to be.”
  6. Creating Connection of All Subjects  This Foundation Builder Guide incorporates learning in a natural way.  The children don’t even know they are learning all the subjects.  This Guide gives the Mother an outline to wrap all the subjects around the monthly principles which provides real learning connections. 
  7. Utilizing the Skills of Discovery  Through the Principles Workshops, Katie encourages you to use your own Skills of Discovery which will helps you increase your ability to make connections, as well as, gives you the practice to invite your children or grandchildren to use their God-given agency to learn.
  8. Providing Eight Multiple Intelligence Environments  Do all your children or grandchildren learn the same?  We didn’t think so.  This Guide incorporates all the learning environments under one roof and we call them The Organic Environments & Materials.  For those who would like to join us in the Facilitator Workshop, we walk you through these Organic Environments & Materials so you experience them all too and increase your ability in incorporating them at home!
  9. Growing Presentation, Storytelling & Relationship Skills  For the children who are age-appropriately ready to build their own projects based on chapter books they have read (We call them DaVinci’s), we invite them to add the skill of storytelling and then present their stories and projects to the family.  Storytelling lessons and videos will help the Mother, which then can be used as lessons for her own children, as well.
  10. Facilitating Individual Learning Projects   For children who are ready to explore more deeply through their chapter books, we show you how to facilitate project based learning.  Projects help our children to expand their knowledge and interests through all subjects, and many mediums of discovery.