Welcome to Nurturing the House!  Here are a few of the foundational character-nurturing principles in The Foundation Builder Guide.  

Katie has discovered these Principles of Creation from her depth-study and we offer mentoring to discover them yourself to incorporate them into all the subjects as they have connection with numbers, shapes as well as principles seen throughout Creation, including the sciences, mathematics, language arts, humanities, literature , etc. 

The Principles

Below are the some of the Character-nurturing Principles taught in Year 1 of this Positive Scripting Thematic Program.    

1 – Obedience

2 – Respecting Differences

3 – Kindness

4 – Humility

5 – Keeping Promises

6 – Family Loyalty

7 – Stillness

8 – Renewal

Discussing Eve’s Unequal Children and The Principle of Creation # 2 from LiberLabs on Vimeo.

We are calling the two different age groups in this program the Ten Boom’s & DaVinci’s.  Ten Boom, named after Corrie ten Boom, is appropriate for a child who needs Adult-directed foundational learning (ages 0-8) and DaVinci, named after Leonardo DaVinci, is appropriate for a child who needs a more Self-directed experience with learning (ages 8-12).
In each of these resources for these two different age groups, the Character-building Principles are presented and applied by the mother following her own genius and adapted to meet the appropriate learning phase, Adult-directed or Self-directed, of the child.