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This Membership is for those who have ALREADY payed for the Foundation Builder Guide “Family Membership.”   Once you have payed for the Family Membership on this site, and then purchased this “Community Membership License”, it gives you the license to teach the Foundation Builder Guide for the year you have already purchased with other families in a Community Co-op, neighborhood group or Commonwealth (non-commercial) School with those who also have purchased this license.  Then, you will need to re-register as a “Continued Community Member.”

There are video’s giving you training on the Community Member Resources pages on this site and it is highly recommended you attend one of our Unlocking the Chamber’s Women’s Retreat nurturing you in The Organic Environments & Materials.

**If you register for this Membership, this system will cancel your Family Membership and create a new subscription for your Family & Community Membership permissions. Then, you will be paying for your additional $25 Yearly Community License.**

To schedule a new FBG Facilitator Workshop near you, fill out a form HERE or contact Katie Hansen for any further questions.

The price for membership is $25.00 per Year.

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