Come join us as we Build Foundation and Unlock the Chambers Within and lead the future Creators, Innovators and Artist Generation! This Foundation Builder Guide offers many resources to use The Principles of Creation as a Guide.

Katie holds Group Mentoring Workshops/Tutorial-discussion calls to help you in your journey of discovering these principles for yourself.  Then, the Foundation Builder content is available for you in teaching your children!

+ There are years of original content in the Foundation Builder Guide (Stories, Songs, Simulations, Rhythm activities, Devotionals, Project Learning videos, Storytelling Videos, etc.)  It’s an unbelievably great price for the value and Mentoring you have an opportunity to receive.

Join us!

#1 The Online Workshops/Discussion Calls which comes with the Family Membership:

The Principles Workshops

Throughout these Online Workshops, for those who purchase the Family Membership/Foundation Builder Guide, we will explore and discuss the Principles of Creation.  Then there are a plethora of resources for you to share our Positive-Scripting Foundation Builder Guide (1-16) within your home.  This Foundation Builder helps show how to use The Principles of Creation as a Guide.  Remember, The Principles of Creation are the Guide!

Read more about it on Katie’s blog here.


What you will get out of these Mentoring Discussions & Guide:

The Family Guide Flyer

*The Source of Leadership Principles.

*Discussions on the Principles and Character-virtues.

*Practice seeing more poetically & symbolically.

*Practice seeing Hebraic Principles everywhere.

*Tutorial-style discussions into the Bible and definitions.

*Practice using your essential student “Skills of Discovery.”

*Practice Observing & Exploring to challenge assumptions and keep the mind open to discovery.

*Practice seeing patterns in Scriptural Text, Nature.

*Word Study Tutorials on the Principles of Creation.

*Modeling of incorporating The Organic Environments & Materials of Learning in each learning subject.

*Discussion of the complimentary/classic stories and how they relate to the Principles.

*Sharing of the many Additional Resources to help you.

*Question and Answers


Our NEXT Family Membership Principle Workshops or Discussions held in 2017-2018:

Principle 9 – 70 Online Discussions – 3rd Monday’s from 6:30 – 8:00 am M.S.T. 

  1. September 18th – Principle 9
  2. October 23rd – Principle 10
  3. November 20th – Principle 20
  4. December 11th – Principle 30
  5. January 22nd – Principle 40
  6. February 19th –  Principle 50
  7. March 19th – Principle 60
  8. April 23rd – Principle 70

– OR –

Principle 1 – 8 Online Discussion – 4th Monday’s from 6:30 – 8:00 am M.S.T.*

  1. September 25th – Principle 1
  2. October 30th – Principle 2
  3. November 27th – Principle 3
  4. December 18th – Principle 4
  5. January  29th – Principle 5
  6. February 26th – Principle 6
  7. March 26th – Principle 7
  8.  April 30th – Principle 8
*Additional Storytelling and Project Building Workshops:  (ALL Foundation Builder Guide Families invited.) 
 TBD  Instructions: Please see emails for instructions.

Our Community Mentoring Calls:


  1. September tba – The Project Building Experience
  2. October tba –  The Skills of Discovery
  3. November  tba – The Four Cornerstones
  4. December tba – The Two Natures
  5. January  tba – The Five Commitments
  6. February tba – The Six Factors of Creativity
  7. March tba – The Pilgrim’s Course




How do I register?

Become a Family Member by purchasing a Family Membership.


Choose this option:

Send $137 through Paypal to for ONLINE access only.

Include: Name; Current Email; Address – State, Zip; Texting Phone Number

Katie will send you your Family Membership Login and password (you can change it later).


#2 The 2 Day Community Membership Workshop:

 The Facilitator Workshop:

We would love to show you how to implement these Organic Principles, Environments, Materials & Skills of The Foundation Builder Guide in your community groups or schools.  The organic and Hebrew Way to teach & lead is to show; to demonstrate or illustrate.

Contact Katie to bring her to your community.  It’s for those who would like to teach The Foundation Builder Guide in their communities*.  Whether it is in a neighborhood group, home-educated families co-op or a Commonwealth School, this Workshop will give you the license to teach it there.

Mostly, it will give you the vision of how to make it work so you will become: successful implementing it, flexible with the many needs of more than one family and a facilitator who can help unlock the chambers of the others through the many Organic Principles, Environments, Materials & Skills in the Foundation Guide Builder program.



Your Community

On Hiking trails, Park, Building to be determined


TBD – This is an idea of a previous Facilitator Workshop


  • Language, Words & Journals; Project Brainstorms

Thursday –

  • Nurturing Yoga & Movement
  • Introducing ouse of the Book & House of Learning
  •         — Dinner & Rejuvenation —
  • Classroom Experience – TenBooms & DaVinci’s
  • Classroom Simulations – TenBooms & DaVinci’s

Friday –

  • Discovery Nature Hike
  •        — Breakfast & Rejuvenation —
  • DaVinci’s Presentation’s
  • Debrief
  •        — Lunch & Rejuvenation —
  • Celebration – Singing, Dancing, Music & Certificates
  • ——————  BREAK  ————————
  • 5:30 – 10:00 pm      Family Celebration w/ Contra & Ballroom Dancing, Storytelling & Pot Luck  at Centerville Park – Open to public.

What’s Included:

Handmade Journal Covers, 2 Breakfasts, Handouts, 1 Dinner, Project Supplies, Debriefs, Simulations and a Celebration!

How do I register?

Become a Family & Community Member by purchasing the Community Membership and then sign up on the Register – The Facilitator Workshop Form.


Our next Foundation Builder Guide’s Children’s & Family Celebration will be September 23rd,2016.

*License to teach within your Community/Commonwealth School will come with this 2.5 day Facilitator Workshop. Each Mother/Mentor will need to purchase their own Membership to this Site/Copy of this Foundation Builder Guide.


The mother’s retreat was a turning point in my parenting style. I have turned my attention inward and worked on changing my heart and as I change my heart, the hearts of my family are changing as well. I have learned to be still. I’ve learned new ways to see the scriptures, and to communicate with my Father in Heaven – to listen to His divine council within my heart. ~ Lori K., Ogden 
Thanks Katie!!!! I think you are so amazing! Thanks for leading out and embracing your call!

This experience was amazing.  Being in Nature surrounded by creation with other like-minded moms.  I was in the background helping setting up and keeping things running smoothly.  Even though the weather was less than cooperative, there was a strong connection between all attendees.  It was powerful.  This was a retreat that combined the Organic Environments of Learning with Organic Materials and WOW.  A safe, loving, nurturing environment was born.  I witnessed each mom on a personal journey through this experience, learning by the spirit what Father needed her there.  Each person took away something a truth, that hopefully ignited a spark.  I know for me I now work hard to create that Environment in my home so we have our own, safe, loving nurturing environment.  I want all in my home to feel God’s presence and healing light.  I see the power of Environment and how it can facilitate healing, change and create opportunities for the spirit to penetrate our minds and hearts and teach us the nourishing word of God. ~ Rhonda, Tooele

Come Join Us!  The benefit to the families who will be immersed in these Organic Principles & Environments, Materials & Skills will be impactful for generations.  We know It!

The House of the Book is affiliated Gathering Place for Families and was has contracted out with Liber Education Laboratory Non-Profit Organization.  All proceeds from The Foundation Builder Guide (Character-based Positive-scripting Thematic Family Program) will be dedicated to support productions of The Foundation Builder Guide Workshops & Celebrations and the illustration and publishing of the Principle-based Positive Scripting Children’s Stories.