Come join us as we Build Foundation and Unlock the Chambers Within and lead the future Creators, Innovators and Artist Generation! This Foundation Builder Guide offers many original resources to use The Principles of Creation as a Guide.

Katie holds Group Mentoring Workshop/Discussion calls to help you in your journey of discovering these principles for yourself, which is completely original.  Then, the Foundation Builder content is available for you in teaching your children!

+ There are years of original content in the Foundation Builder Guide (Stories, Songs, Simulations, Rhythm activities, Devotionals, Project Learning videos, Storytelling Videos, etc.)  It’s an unbelievably great price for the value and Mentoring you have an opportunity to receive.

Join us!

The Online Workshops/Discussion Calls which comes with the Family Membership:

The Principles Workshops

Throughout these Online Workshops, for those who purchase the Family Membership/Foundation Builder Guide, we will explore and discuss the Principles of Creation.  Then there are a plethora of resources for you to share our Positive-Scripting Foundation Builder Guide (1-16) within your home.  This Foundation Builder helps show how to use The Principles of Creation as a Guide.  Remember, The Principles of Creation are the Guide!

Read more about it on Katie’s blog here.

*The Source of Leadership Principles.

*Discussions on the Principles and Character-virtues.

*Practice seeing more poetically & symbolically.

*Practice seeing Hebraic Principles everywhere.

*Tutorial-style discussions into the Bible and definitions.

*Practice using your essential student “Skills of Discovery.”

*Practice Observing & Exploring to challenge assumptions and keep the mind open to discovery.

*Practice seeing patterns in Scriptural Text, Nature.

*Word Study Tutorials on the Principles of Creation.

*Modeling of incorporating The Organic Environments & Materials of Learning in each learning subject.

*Discussion of the complimentary/classic stories and how they relate to the Principles.

*Sharing of the many Additional Resources to help you.

*Question and Answers


Our NEXT Group Mentoring Principle Workshops or Discussions held in 2017-2018:

Principle 9 – 70 Online Discussions – 3rd Monday’s from 6:30 – 8:00 am M.S.T. 

  1. September 18th – Principle 9
  2. October 23rd – Principle 10
  3. November 20th – Principle 20
  4. December 11th – Principle 30
  5. January 22nd – Principle 40
  6. February 19th –  Principle 50
  7. March 19th – Principle 60
  8. April 23rd – Principle 70

– OR –

Principle 1 – 8 Online Discussion – 4th Monday’s from 6:30 – 8:00 am M.S.T.*

  1. September 25th – Principle 1
  2. October 30th – Principle 2
  3. November 27th – Principle 3
  4. December 18th – Principle 4
  5. January  29th – Principle 5
  6. February 26th – Principle 6
  7. March 26th – Principle 7
  8.  April 30th – Principle 8
*Additional Storytelling and Project Building Workshops:  (ALL Foundation Builder Guide Families invited.) 
TBD  Instructions: Please see emails for instructions.

Community Membership Mentoring Calls 


  • 2nd Friday, September 9th – The Project Building Experience
  • October 7th –  The 3 Skills of Discovery
  • November 4th –  The Four Cornerstones
  • December 2nd –  The Two Natures
  • January 6th –    The Five Commitments
  • February 3rd –  The Six Factors of Creativity
  • March 3rd –  The Pilgrim’s Course




How do I register?

Become a Family Member by purchasing a Family Membership.


How do I register?

  1. Send $137 through Paypal to for ONLINE access only.

*Include: Name; Current Email; Address – State, Zip; Texting Phone Number

Katie will send you your Family Membership Login and password (you can change it later).



This is a great book and will help add to your foundation of seeing mathematically or symbolically yourself.

Strings, Straight-edge and Shadows by Julia Diggins

Strings Straight-Edge
“Why study from this?  It will help you understand true mathematics and the study of the earth.  This study will build a foundation for you, the mother, to help your children or grandchildren “Discover through Nature.”  In these Workshops/Discussion Calls, you will be discovering principles for yourself which will help you become more self-reliance in discovering principles everywhere, to then turn and help your children as well.