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House of the is the home of The Foundation Builder Guide:

A Mother’s Guide to Developing Education from The Principles of Creation

This Membership Site resource is available for home use for those joining in the Principles of Creation Mentoring Workshops.

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Building Foundation

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I am in love with The Foundation Builder Guide.  The other day I was busy doing my mommy stuff and I heard my kids singing, so I just had to peek around the corner, They were playing Ten Booms.  Singing one of the songs from class.  It happened to be a song teaching a principle my children were struggling with. This is what I heard, “Just a little Kindness goes a long way……  For Kindness Begins when I think about you for Kindness begins with me.”
~ Rhonda S., Tooele, Mommy of 10
Inspired. If I had to choose one word to describe The Foundation Builder Guide, inspired would be that word.  Learning to live by the principles I have learned while studying with Katie has opened my heart and prepared me to be a Godly mother.    I am blessed to have been involved with a co-op which uses the principles and teachings in The Foundation Builder Guide.  We’ve started to implement the principles in many aspects of our lives. Since the principles of Creation are principles set from the foundation of the world, they apply to everything from communication within the family, to health, to your communication with God. They give you the power to change your life from within. It has truly been a gift to my family. 
– Lori K., Ogden
What a blessing!  It has truly been a spiritual journey as I have begun to see nature and gospel principles with new eyes.  Katie so beautifully and gently guides you through the discovery  process of seeking, asking and knocking.  This experience has been so different from other seminars, classes and conferences .  Symbols in nature and the scriptures are coming alive as I am beginning to make greater connections and applications to my own life.  My creative right brain is being challenged and awakened as well as my spirit.  I will never view life and learning in the same way. Thank You Katie for paying a price the last few years to take this journey yourself and become “One who goes before”.  I’m so grateful!   
~ Lori G., Shelly, ID

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