Many thanks to those involved to bring forward this Character-based Positive Scripting Foundation Builder Guide:

Katie Hansen,

with Aneladee Milne and Kim Davis, through the 501c3 Liber Education Laboratory,

and the many wonderful mothers who implement it Liber Academy Commonwealth’s “Lab School.”


What is the House?

From the Symbolic Hebrew perspective, the “House” has many meanings.  The main meaning is that which is within the house.  Some other descriptions are:  a sanctuary, a temple or that which is within those places; a family that is housed within four walls; a spirit which is within a body; a place of growth in understanding the many paradoxes of life.

For today, the House is the character and well being of each individual.  A House in order is a moral and Christ-centered character education.  It is the individual’s growth, paradigm and skills which brings virtuous or vicious actions; courage, humility, civility, love vs. rashness or pride; which either bring out the true Divine Self or one of a lesser quality.

True education, is the application of knowledge to the development of a noble and Godlike character. . Character is the aim of true education; and science, history, and literature are but means used to accomplish the desired end. Character is not the result of chance work but of continuous right thinking and right acting. – David O. McKay

We can illustrate this House of learning by comparing it to a tree:

Seedling roots fruit

House developed on foundational principles, which is encompassed in a character education, will be upheld by the necessary skills of self-honesty where there is a constant balancing process of recognition, reflecting, releasing, restoring and reforming to produce the quality of fruits desired.

How are we assisting the House?

Today, in The Principles Workshops, we are introducing, mentoring and showing The Organic Principles, Environments, Materials & Skills which assist in this Character building (that which is within our Houses).  The Principles of Creation are main roots or foundational blocks to strengthen our Foundation and all relate to Christ and His laws.  We add and encourage the Organic Environments & Materials where ever possible to help strengthen and develop those inner most Primary relationships.

We are providing The Foundation Builder Guide which teaches these The Principles of Creation, (found in The Bible and Creation) and shares many ways to incorporate them into learning and playing in your homes or community schools and encourages more uses of The Organic Environments, Materials & Skills.  In this, the family can bring principles of the Book into their Houses to assist them in developing their education on foundational principles.

Building Our House

A House needs nurturing and training on solid foundational principles.  The Words of Christ and The Book which testifies and teaches His laws are the best place to start.
By preparing and building the foundation of the Housewe will be able to add more virtuous principles and stay strong through life’s whirlwinds.  For example, here is just a beginning idea of two of the many Principles we Mentor through this Foundation Builder Guide.
Principle 1
Order – Creating order in our House will assist in the nurturing of a character and prepares one for new levels of growth and learning.

Order Ourselves

  • Put God first in our lives.  Putting God first yourself and showing this important precept to children is essential.  Teaching the basics to honor their parents, is a great way to teach them this vital first principle.
    • Putting God first can lead us to learn about Roles and the important part of developing relationships in the proper order.  When we understand our role as a child of God, our understanding of our responsibilities become manifested to us.
    • Truly understanding family Roles & Responsibilities, will help bring order and self-government to behavior.  (Please see Teaching Self- Government for further understanding here.)

“When you spoil a child and give them everything they want, it is neglect.  You are neglecting their training and they will become lost.” – Nicholeen Peck

  • Be True and full of Faith.  Show a life of being true and honest with yourself, others and God.  Begin to recognize your motivations.  Do we do certain things because of fear or faith?  Avoid any fear like your worst enemy.  Doubt not, but be believing.   (Please see The Parenting Pyramid and the Arbinger Institute for a beginning.)
    • Self-Honesty brings peace and calm to all relationships.

Order Our Days

  • We can create systems for morning and bedtime routines, family meal routines, family work systems, healthy cooking, etc. to bring order into our family spaces.
  • Places to learn in our homes which help us build confidence and skills in Our Houses:  (Includes learning on all levels – Physical, Social/Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual)

In the Kitchen, In the Herbal Cabinet – (Body & Health), In the Garden, Through Nature, Through the Organic Environments & Materials, On the Relationships Bench, In the Community, In the Learning Closet, Through “the Book”  (see

Order Our Learning

  • Creation is The Story and place from which to begin learning.
    • Day 1 was about Order in a form called Earth.  A circle represents the strength and power of God.
    • Day 2 was when opposition entered the scene.  God divided the light from the darkness.  Looking at two’s helps us see the order everywhere.  Land and Sea, Male and Female, Good and Evil, etc. This day teaches us to become aware of the opposition in our thoughts because of our dual natures.
    • Day 3 – when we notice the three’s in Creation, we can find three lights.  This light, the sun, moon, and stars, extend out to us always. Light is a comfort and guide to us while we sojourn and give us an example of how we should be.
    • etc.
  • Stories give us an example and reason to behave with character.  Diagramming to bring clarity to a situation or structure can help create order in our intellectual understanding.
  • Projects bring real life motivation to learning.  Children give parents a reason to learn & teach, the need for food each day gives us motivation to learn to work and cook, etc.


Principle 2
Balance.  Building relationships with our human kind gives us the most important reason to learn balance.  Within a House, relationships are key and each personal process of truly coming to know our Maker is primary.

Balance in our Skills

  • The skills of Recognizing, Reflecting, Releasing, Restoring & Reforming continually nourishes our relationship with our Creator and helps our bodies, hearts, minds and spirits to progress to new levels of growth.  Developing these skills are especially important in families.

In an earlier Original/Hebrew culture, it was understood, a person’s education began with their “House of the Book” and “House of Learning,” then progressed to their “House of Study.”  This beginning of education was where the first lessons of relationships, roles and order in his/her House were formulated.  The focus on his/her education was on following God’s Natural Laws which primarily came from the Books of Moses and The Creation.  Learning through these laws and principles helped them develop their first and foremost individual relationship with God their Sovereign King and helped them learn their role as His children and Vassal Kings and the opportunities and blessings attached to these roles.