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Unlocking the Chambers:

Check out the latest research supporting Foundation Builder Guide’s Arts: The Organic Environments & Materials;  nurturing our inner self and growth.  

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The Original Way – Whole-brained Learning:

A video giving an example of this Project-based Learning

Recognition, Identify, Comprehend, Harness – Learning

Children Need Art, Story, Poetry and Music

The need for understanding our Language & Words

Cultural Dances Around the World

Learn to East Coast Swing

BYU Cultural dances

celebrations (507x251)

Unlock Creativity

The Power of Song

The Singing Revolution


singing revolution

Music & Rhythm

Playing a Musical Instruments and Your Brain

Music and the Mind by Michael Ballum

Singing in a Choir can reduce stress, even cancer.

How Movement & Meditation reduces stress

Visualization is central to a Successful Journey (also see Alma 32)

Shawn Anchor  –  The Happy Secret to Better Work

Play Doesn’t End With Childhood: Why Adults Need Recess Too

Contra dance

Play is More Than Just Fun


Flow: The Secret to Happiness

Want Emotionally Healthy Children? Tell Family Stories

How Meditation Builds Brain Gray Matter

Adding more Stillness – Simplifying our children’s lives

Rules for Learning

1000 Hours Outdoors

Learning through outdoor play: Danish-style Kindergarden.  

Consider the Benefits of Hiking

Nature Environment

Numbers in Creation

The Organic Material called Sunshine

Consider this kind of Movement

Writing on Paper verse a Device



Helping Parents Tell Truly Great Stories – Capturing the Hearts & Minds of the next generation!

The Benefit of Story through The Fairy Tales

The Science of Storytelling

How Stories Change the Brain

Why Your Brain Loves Storytelling

Importance of Storytelling in Education by The Youth, Educators, and Storytellers Alliance (YES!)

Reading Stories to your children A LOUD.


Support for Our Educational Philosophy

Greek vs. Hebrew Educational Methodology

Hebrew: The Language of Liberty

The Freedom Crisis

The U.S. Constitution and 196 Indispensable Principles of Freedom

A Thomas Jefferson Education

The Flipped-classroom

Must See about the Right and Left Brain. – The Foundation Builder Guide Principles and Organic Environments give us more of a Poetic Way to view Life.

Teaching to The Multiple Intelligence’s by Howard Gardner

Protecting Childhood

Increasing Intuitiveness

Family Work – A Chapter in Strengthening Our Families