Our Foundation Builder Guide program!

“It’s a Hebraic principles program mentoring the Mother and providing positive affirmation thematic & holistic experiences for children incorporating all subjects and 7 Liberal Arts.”  ~ Katie

What are the Principles of Creation?

Here is an example of Biblical stories which teach the Principle of Creation # 7.  These stories illustrate this Hebraic Principle of the Alphabet letter Zayin to you and I, the adult, and if we can make our own connections through our own efforts (which may be subjective), then we can see and know how to invite our children to discuss principles found in these stories and relate them to everyday learning.  In addition to mentoring through these principles, the Foundation Builder Guide gives Mother’s a large beginning list of experiences and ideas to discover with their children.

Part 1 – Here Katie is sharing how the Principles have more than one meaning and how they share historical background on truths we already may know.  Much different than our English alphabet which has no symbolic or reflective meanings.

PART 2 – Here is an example of Katie sharing a Fairy Tale story and relating it to a Principle of Creation.  This is an example of one connection she made. Each Mother would need to make their own connections and discoveries through the reading and discussion provided, then can invite her children to play through the telling of stories or other experiences.  (She can try out the ones I share and still make her own connections seeing more than one meaning.) There are a plethora of ideas to do once the Mother begins experiencing this for herself. Her own personal connections and discoveries makes it so exciting.  It is an excellent way to start discussing principles with our children and centering all learning on Christ-centered Principles of Creation.

A Look into this “Original Way”

There is an unseen danger of leaving the Original way out of our focus. The Artist’s!  Who will raise the Artist Generation children and youth; the Creator’s and Innovator’s our left brain society is lacking. Who will show our society a more connected way of living and learning? Who will influence the Engineer’s, Editor’s, Accountant’s, etc.? Katie Hansen shares how the Foundation Builder Guide is poetic, whole brain (right and left), builds foundation, unlocks chambers and follows the patterns of the Original way of teaching and learning.

Here are a few samples showing Katie using this program in her home.







For the 8+ year old’s, we have a simple system to help you create project learning at home. We also have “flipped-the-classroom” on storytelling with written lessons & videos showing you the how to’s of telling a story.