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Showing YOu

Testimonials of Foundation Builder Guide Members & who came to this Retreat as a Community. (click <– for more info):

The mother’s retreat was a turning point in my parenting style. I have turned my attention inward and worked on changing my heart and as I change my heart, the hearts of my family are changing as well. I have learned to be still. I’ve learned new ways to see the scriptures, and to communicate with my Father in Heaven – to listen to His divine council within my heart.

~ Lori K., Ogden

This experience was amazing.  Being in Nature surrounded by creation with other like-minded moms.  I was in the background helping setting up and keeping things running smoothly.  Even though the weather was less than cooperative, there was a strong connection between all attendees.  It was powerful.  This was a retreat that combined the Organic Environments of Learning with Organic Materials and WOW.  A safe, loving, nurturing environment was born.  I witnessed each mom on a personal journey through this experience, learning by the spirit what Father needed her there.  Each person took away something a truth, that hopefully ignited a spark.  I know for me I now work hard to create that Environment in my home so we have our own, safe, loving nurturing environment.  I want all in my home to feel God’s presence and healing light.  I see the power of Environment and how it can facilitate healing, change and create opportunities for the spirit to penetrate our minds and hearts and teach us the nourishing word of God.
~ Rhonda, Tooele

Discovering in Nature
Writing & Project
Nourishing the Body
Nourishing Hearts
Hoop Dancing
Transfer of Soul
Sharing the Heart


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